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Bulgaria’s Landmark Cathedral & 3D Printing

As 3D printing grows increasingly popular in a variety of fields, more and more companies are entering the market and adding their innovations. Around the world, people are finding new uses for 3D scanning and 3D printing. In Eastern Europe, one company at the forefront is Threeding.

Students of The National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria founded Threeding in 2013. As students of art, it only makes sense that they would direct their use of 3D scanning and printing toward the art world.

3d printing

Using 3D scanning technology, they’ve amassed an enviable collection of printable scans, including museum exhibits, modern arts and craft works and other items relating to the world of art. They’ve also done extensive work in fields not directly related to art, such as mechanical parts and machine components. They recently added a collection of detailed anatomical models designed as a resource for medical students.

With the support of the Vesk Consult heritage conservation company, Threeding is currently working on its next ambitious project. Two of the company’s founders, Stan Partalev and Tzveta-Maria Partaleva will spend several weeks personally scanning religious and historical artifacts at Sofia’s St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, one of the world’s largest Orthodox churches.

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Once the project is complete, they will donate to the cathedral a complete collection of the scans. Not only will these be useful for scientific and educational purposes, they will also ensure the artifacts are preserved against future loss. The collection will be made available on the company’s website to allow people from around the world to view these priceless treasures.

Stan Partalev is particularly excited about being about to utilize 3D scanning in a real-life setting. About the project, Partalev says this:

“We are very excited about our project with St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Previously we focused solely on museums exhibits but this time we are scanning historical objects that are still in use and have spiritual beauty.”

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To complete the project, the team is using Artec’s Eva and Spider models of 3D scanners. Many of the objects are very elaborate and feature raised design reliefs. The scanners are able to capture the features accurately, allowing for realistic 3D printed models.


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