EnvisionTEC Desktop 3D Printers

The Perfactory® EnvisionTEC Desktop 3D Printer Family has an unbeatable price to performance ratio. The perfect choice for the small to medium sized company looking to fulfill their 3D printing production requirements. With the ability to run unattended, 24 hour production. Our 3D printers can run a variety of materials for direct casting, hot rubber, and silicone molding. There are no limits to geometric complexity as long as the item has been designed in a 3D CAD program and may be exported as an STL file. Our 3D printers are delivered and installed with all the relevant software to enable automatic support generation and perfect model production. Resolution and surface finish remains constant over the entire build area due to patented technology based on voxelisation.

  • Easy handling through pre-adjusted material modules
  • Very few moving parts and minimal consumable components guarantee a strong and reliable system
  • Utilizing a built in ethernet interface, can connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network
  • Changeover between materials is done quickly and easily

Printer Name Build Platform Maximum XY Resolution
Perfactory Apollo 100 x 75 x 100 mm 71 µm
Perfactory Aureus 60 x 45 x 100 mm 43 µm
Perfactory Desktop 100 x 75 x 100 mm 71 µm
Perfactory Mini 60 x 45 x 100 mm 43 µm
Perfactory PixCera 60 x 45 x 100 mm 43 µm
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