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Zortrax 3D Printers

Zortrax provides reliable, efficient and professional 3D printing solutions to business markets, where safety, quality and tangible results justify investments. From trusted, high-performance machines with dedicated software to a vast range of printing materials, our products are both innovative and accessible. Zortrax is a solid partner who supplies your business with the latest 3D printing technologies to enhance your projects, minimize product development timelines and push you forward ahead of the competition.

With professional print quality, low operating costs and a very reasonable price, Zortrax solutions are the best choice for both your projects and your budget. Reliability is Zortrax’s highest priority.Our solutions are carefully designed to last long, produce fast and deliver professional quality results for the users.

EnvisionTEC 3D Printers

EnvisionTEC is a manufacturer of 3D Printers including software and material. Under the guidance of Mr. Siblani, CEO and Chairman of the Board, EnvisionTEC has become a world leader in 3D printer manufacturing specializing in rapid prototyping and equipment. EnvisionTEC uses different technologies to cure liquid resin into a three-dimensional object.

Scan, Spin and Selectively Photocure is a technology invented in 2013. A multi-cavity laser diode with an orthogonal mirror spinning at 20,000 rpm, the light is reflected through the spinning drum and goes through a series of optical elements thereby focusing the light onto the surface of the photo polymer across the Y direction. The Imaging Light source (ILS) which contains the multi cavity laser diode, it’s driver, and all optics, is traveling in X direction at 1-2 inches per second (material dependent) as the light is scanning in the Y direction and selectively photo curing the polymer based on the path data set.

EnvisionTEC utilizes a third technology with the 3D-Bioplotter. Extruding multiple materials in three dimensions using pressure. Materials range from a viscous paste to a liquid, and are inserted using syringes moving in three dimensions. Air or mechanical pressure is applied to the syringe, which then deposits a strand of material for the length of movement and time the pressure is applied. Parallel strands are plotted in one layer. For the following layer, the direction of the strands is turned over the center of the object, creating a fine mesh with good mechanical properties and mathematically well-defined porosity.