3 Ways a Zortrax 3D Printer could save you from being stranded on Mars…and why you should buy one!

  1. You could 3D Print a fully functional rocket ship piece by piece and safely return to your home planet.
  2. A Zortrax 3D Printer could help you build a sustainable and protective shelter from those dusty days on the Mars surface.
  3. Use a Zortrax 3D printer and build robotic friends to keep you company and fight off invading Martians.

I don’t know about you, but Matt Damon and I agree that getting stuck on Mars without a Zortrax 3D Printer really sucks.  Don’t make the same mistake as Mark Watney and get stranded on Mars without a Zortrax 3D Printer to save your life….

Owlbox Applied Technologies is proud to announce that they have recently become a preferred reseller of high quality 3D printers from Zortrax.

The Zortrax M200 3D Printer is the go-to 3D Printer for the worlds designers, architects, engineers, inventors, dreamers and space travelers.  With it’s high quality manufacturing, ease of maintenance, variety of materials and superior print finish, the Zortrax M200 is the perfect desktop 3D printer at the perfect price.

These printers were recently reviewed on www.3dprintingindustry.com, check out the review here:


Contact us today to get the lowest price available on Zortrax M200 3D Printers and print material!

Send your inquiry to sales@owlbox3d.com or call 949-542-8964






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