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Owlbox provides 3D Print Solutions and Services to meet any budget or application. We are an authorized reseller of production, professional and personal 3D printers, accessories and material. Through a comprehensive and consultative sales process we uncover the specific demand of our customers and provide the Solution and Service to best meet their need.

We provide 3D printing Solutions and Services to a wide range of manufacturing and engineering industries. Our Solutions include machine and equipment sales, installation, technical, software, and material support. We also offer in-house professional 3D print Services that include prototype, small run manufacturing, end item printing as well as design, engineer and technical assistance.

3D Print Solutions To Meet Any Application

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3D Print Services To Meet Any Budget

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With Owlbox, you can create rapid prototypes, print functional components for test and measurement, develop new ideas and expedite proof of concept.


Communicate ideas with concise modeling, bring to life concepts in their urban scale, show projects in scale and customize final presentations.


Bring objects to life in the hands of students. Bridge the gap between digital images and physical objects by printing models for geometry, topography, biology and history!


Customize any product, create new art, recreate a broken part for toy or appliance, invent a new product, build you own phone case, or make the ultimate selfie.

We specialize in 3D printing.

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EnvisionTEC 3D Printers

Owlbox is an authorized reseller of premium quality professional grade 3D printers manufactured by EnvisionTEC.

  • Micro Family
  • Perfactory Family
  • Ultra 3SP Family
  • Large Frame 3SP

Zortrax 3D Printers

Owlbox is an authorized reseller of 3D printers, materials and accessories from Zortrax.

  • M200
  • Inventure
  • Z-Suite
  • Z-ABS, Z-Ultrat, Z-HIPS and more

3D Printing Material

There are so many materials you can choose from when it comes to 3D printing that it’s often difficult to choose the right one. Owlbox offers the highest quality material to provide you with the ideal solution for any 3D printing application.

Zortrax Filament

Get more from 3D printing with dedicated Zortrax Materials. Discover thoroughly tested thermoplastics in a wide range of vibrant colors

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EnvisionTEC Materials

With a full range of 3D printing materials from EnvisionTEC, Owlbox has the ideal solution for your 3D printing application.

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